4 Oral Care Products to Get a Child Excited About Oral Hygiene

Routine pediatric teeth cleanings in Seminole, FL are an important way to protect your child’s teeth. However, good oral hygiene practices and routines at home are even more important. If you have a hesitant child that is reluctant about brushing and flossing, certain oral care products can help.

Well-regarded brands have taken the initiative to get children excited about oral hygiene with a host of child-friendly products. Take a look at a few oral care products that may get your child excited about oral health.

Fun and Flavored Mouthwashes

Mouthwash can be great for children because it can be used to swish away some of the debris and food particles that childhood-brushing can miss. However, you can find some products that take things a step further. For example, some mouthwashes will tint the teeth a fun color so the child can see where they need to brush. These mouthwashes also come in fun flavors like bubble gum and cotton candy.

Character Toothbrushes

Allow your child to pick out a toothbrush they like and they will be more likely to use it. Many good toothbrush brands offer brushes that are shaped to look like certain characters. You could also go with a battery-powered toothbrush for a little extra cleaning power.

Unique Flossing Products

Flossing can be fun too if you find a product that your child will enjoy. Look for colorful flossers, flossers that have unique scents and flavors, and even flossers shaped like different animals.

Child-Friendly Flavored Toothpaste

Mint-flavored toothpaste may not be all that palatable for a child. However, there are many other options that are available specifically for children. For example, some products boast flavors like dragon fruit, bubble gum, or berry.

Is it time for your child’s visit to a pediatric dentist in Seminole, FL? Reach out to the team at Luce Tooth Pediatric Dentistry to schedule your child’s next appointment.


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