How to Prepare Your Child for a Teeth Cleaning Appointment

Pediatric teeth cleanings in Seminol, FL, are an essential part of your child’s overall health. Even so, children have little experience with going to the dentist and may feel anxious about it. The example you set at home by maintaining a positive attitude towards dental work will make a big impression on your child.

How We Help Children and Parents

Dr. Amy Luce and Dr. Aaron Scheps love working with children and have received extensive training to prepare them for working with this special population. Our entire staff, from the front desk receptionist to dentists, assistants, and hygienists, talk to children at their level and do not expect them to be mini-adults.

We have also stocked the Luce Tooth Pediatric Dentistry waiting room with toys, games, books, and movies to keep your child occupied until it is time to see the dentist. Exam chairs are at a child’s level, and we take our time to explain what we are doing in an age-appropriate manner.

What You Can Do

We encourage you to schedule morning appointments when your child is well-rested and alert. This is especially important for children who still take naps. Below are a few other ways you can help us gain your child’s cooperation.

  • Explain what to expect with pediatric teeth cleanings in Seminole FL. Your child can pretend to brush the teeth of a stuffed animal or doll and then look inside its mouth.
  • Set a good example by letting your child see you brush your teeth and choose nutritious foods.
  • Consider rewarding your child with a small toy after the appointment if he or she seems especially nervous.

Please contact us to schedule a cleaning and exam for your child at your convenience.

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