Why Does My Child Have Bad Breath?

Bad breath can be frustrating for kids and their parents, especially if you’re careful about keeping your child’s teeth clean. If you’re worried about what may be causing your child’s bad breath, your child’s dentist in Seminole and St. Petersburg, FL, can help. At Luce Tooth Pediatric Dentistry, we offer a range of dental solutions for your child’s dental problems and can also help with this.

What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad breath can have many causes.

Poor oral hygiene. Many children with bad breath experience this problem because of poor oral hygiene habits. Children find it more difficult to brush their teeth and are more susceptible to problems like cavities and gingivitis.

Bacteria buildup on the tongue. Some kids get bad breath because bacteria builds up on their tongue in a white coating. You can see this white coating on their tongue when they stick their tongue out.

Odor-causing food. Sometimes kids just get bad breath because of foods in their normal diet, like garlic and onions. As a parent, you can smell this problem when your child has been eating these specific foods. Other times, your child should have fresh breath.

What Can You Do About Your Child’s Bad Breath?

Parents often brush their child’s teeth to help them maintain healthy teeth and gums. This is good practice for children seven and younger unless your dentist recommends otherwise. If you don’t currently brush your child’s teeth, doing so may help control the bacteria in their mouth. Brushing their teeth for them may also help ensure your child gets brushed every night.

You can also help control your child’s bad breath by bringing them to the dentist as often as their dentist recommends. Is it time to make your child’s next pediatric dental exams in Seminole and St. Petersburg, FL? If so, call Luce Tooth Pediatric Dentistry to make an appointment.

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